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Help us to unlock potential of crypto for masses

Our mission

We believe crypto and web3 have the potential to be truly transformative. Sadly, the space is currently not connected to the real world and plagued by UX issues.

We will fix this by building the cornerstone infrastructure that connects the world of fiat (euro/dollar, credit cards etc.) to crypto and web3.

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PR manager
  • Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

Quotes we live by

''Cultivate personal connection.''

It all starts with people. We believe in connections based on empathy, positivity, integrity and honest communication.

"The average sucks."

Our mantra. It's easy to beat the average and become extraordinary, as others won't do it consciously. We have created a formula for it. Ask us about it! :)

"Drive the truck - don't let it drive you."

To us, this means not letting life happen to you. We empower each team-member to drive the change and improvement they want to see.

"So now what? Why?"

This quote quickly became one of our favorite tools after being dropped in a meeting. Saying it *with a smile* allows us to zoom out, and act with the end-goal in mind.

"Be curious, continuously"

Curiosity breeds learning! By continuously being curious we build better solutions, unfazed by tackling things that are only implausibly possible.


Awesome office, wear what you want.

Help build a unicorn.

Responsibilities, not tasks.

Focus on (personal) growth.

We're in the Netherlands, Romania, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Ghana, Pakistan and South Africa.

Interested in building cool shit with great people?

We would love to hear from you - also if your profile doesn't fit any of the listed vacancies. If you have any questions regarding our hiring process, don't hesitate to reach out to