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Implementation Specialist

Netherlands, Noord-Holland, AmsterdamSales

Job description

We are a fast-paced startup/scaleup in the Netherlands, enabling access to web3 by bridging the world of Fiat Currencies (Euro, Dollars, etc.) with the world of Cryptocurrencies.

We aim to unlock the potential of web3 and crypto for the masses.

We provide an embeddable widget and API for trading platforms, apps and websites so their users can buy cryptocurrencies. For this, we partner up with the best fiat on-ramps. End-users users can then buy crypto easily in-platform when needed. This is one of the most important intersections for web3/meta to connect with the 'normal' world.

What is this position about?

We want to make sure Onramper is the smoothest possible fiat on-ramp in the world. That means the smoothest user experience, as well as the best integration process for parties integrating Onramper, such as wallets and trading platforms. As such, we're looking for a Implementation Specialist to help signed clients integrate. This role is all about making sure that clients who sign actually integrate and transaction volumes start running through the integrations. There's 2 goals here:

- ensure clients go live as soon as possible

- improve our forecasting of volumes of signed clients

You'll be taking full ownership of our onboarding flow and integration to reduce friction during integration and making sure that the Onramper widget is fully adopted by our partners. You will be helping with fixing bugs and implementing feature requests from clients.

This position is open to both on-location (Amsterdam, Netherlands) and remote applicants.

You will:

✔️ ensure clients start doing transaction volumes

✔️ coordinate on client needs and product requests

✔️ help build and improve the client onboarding/integration flow (i.e. our dashboard & widget creation wizard)

✔️ help build content that is useful for integrating clients, through seminars, videos, knowledge sharing and best practice development.

✔️ communicate with Onramper customers (over Telegram, Slack, Hubspot and Gmail) to provide technical support and knowledgeable answers about the product and integration.

✔️ feed product requests and needs from clients to product, and prioritize, track, handle and coordinate error reports

✔️ understand, prioritize and track customer questions, needs, and feedback, and coordinate with the internal stakeholders.

✔️ monitor and report on system reliability and uptime

Job requirements

You have:

  • an achievement-oriented mindset and hunger to produce results
  • experience with providing technical customer support or customer support tools
  • experience with coordinating and handling product requests and bug reports
  • a good work ethic, empathy and great communication skills in English;
  • you are not afraid to take initiative, assume responsibility, and are creative in your approach to build things to eliminate re-occurring questions/requests;
  • A good basic technical understanding. Our stack: NodeJS, Typescript, React, AWS
  • you want to join a high-paced startup that's bridging the traditional financial world with the world of cryptocurrencies.


  • experience with error monitoring tools
  • love for the crypto-space
  • ambition to work and grow in a fast-paced startup

Quick note:

Research shows that women are unlikely to apply for a job if they don't 100% meet the requirements, while men tend to apply if they meet 70% of the requirements. We care about equal opportunity and diversity, and encourage applications even if not all requirements are fully met!

What excites us:

Across the hires we aim to make, we look for signals that a candidate fits into the vision of the company that we aim to build. We love to see:

  • passion for crypto
  • ambition to build cool shit with great people
  • excitement to be pushing the frontiers of fintech and crypto